Coconut Oil = Mother’s milk !!! YES

All these benefit are related to the Virgin Coconut Oil.

All Commercially processed or hydrogenated oil is not only deprived of any nutrition, it is hazardous for human body.

Lauric Acid , which is found in Coconut Oil , can be found only in Mother’s milk. Coconut oil can be consumed without even cooking. Highly digestible at all ages. Just google for lauric acid and coconut to know more benefits.

Dr.Sivaraman, a famous doctor from Tamil nadu, tells if you are denying coconut to your child, then you are doing injustice to your child. You can give even raw coconut pieces with jaggery which is very tasty and atmost healthy. (From Ancient days to Modern days, as our blog intent to)

Suggestions: I recommend incorporating 2-3 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil (uncooked and unheated) daily in your diet – It tastes delicious on toast, rice and lentils. It can be safely given to babies. Depending on the age of the child, add one-half to two teaspoon of virgin coconut oil a day to their food.


Proven Applications: Mix 2-teaspoon full of Turmeric Powder in half cup of coconut oil and 1-tablespoon of Virgin Olive Oil and keep refrigerated in a tight jar for application on wounds and burns (no need to apply on fresh minor cuts) to accelerate the healing and prevent infection. Coconut oil helps heal the scar tissues (i.e. no scar marks).

Kerala consumes coconut and coconut oil daily in foods and external use, since long. Kerala reports very less Skin problem, hair loss. The Beauty of Keralites is obvious.

This mix is also fantastic for application as Suppositories (give shape when somewhat frozen and let it harden in the freezer) to heal rectal swelling, discomfort and hemorrhoids – Be aware of the turmeric color, though.

Resources :Omega 3 in coconut oil , Virgin Coconut oil



Start With Spice – End With Sweet

I’m wondering on each and every traditional practice or fact that contained valuable reasons behind.

Going for a buffet or treat or feast ? Just read it and go to enjoy the fullest …

Our ancestors have stressed on the fact that our meals should be started off with something spicy and sweet dishes should be taken towards the end.

But Why ?

  • The spicy things activate the digestive juices and acids. It also ensures that the digestion process goes on without any problem and efficiently.
  • Sweets or carbohydrates pull down the digestive process. Therefore, sweets were always recommended to be taken as a last item.

For more chemical / medical reasons , just click. (Since I do not understand some acids etc)

So, beginning with a spicy soup and ending with Desserts will make a sweet day.

Eat with it and EAT IT

Yes. You read it right.

Wanted to share a wonderful innovation, EDIBLE CUTLERY , a eco-friendly and tasty alternative to Plastic / Wood / ceramic cutlery items. Of course, need of the hour.

This edible cutlery is a perfect alternative to harmful disposable cutlery, it is not only environmentally safe but also enriched with nutritious ingredients.

More truth comes out here  (just click for a small video)

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Magical Millets

What are Millets? 

Millets include jowar (great millet), ragi (finger millet), korra (foxtail millet), arke (kodo millet) and sama (little millet).

All these are available in the form of rice (example: foxtail millet rice), rawa (example: jowar and bajra rawa) and flour forms in supermarkets in addition to jowar pastas or ragi string hoppers.

These may look coarse and unappealing for an eye that’s accustomed to mill polished white rice, but once you master the art of cooking these well, the health benefits are for you to enjoy.

Why Millets? <SECRETS of healthy life DISCLOSED>

Traditional Indian Food that grows in all season. These can grow ONLY ORGANIC. No fertilizers help.

Highest Fiber content. Easy to digest.

Very Cheap indeed. A kilogram of any costly millet will cost you less than Rs. 100

Importantly best suitable for diabetic people and easy digestive for kids.

Is that tough to cook or replace our daily food?

Certainly not. Just replace rice with millet rice, even for idly measure. (3 cups idly rice, 1 cup millet grain soaked, as usual 1 cup urad dal) . For Chapatis or rotis, very well multi grain goes. No taste difference too. Even my fuzzy queen eats it without complaining.

Try with Porridge (sweet or salt), Payasam, Halwa, cakes, biscuits, upma, Kichadi etc

For much more easy to cook recipes , Just click here 

millets க்கான பட முடிவு

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