Silk Sarees ~ How to find Original

Almost every woman loves to wear Silk Saree, especially for traditional occasions like Weddings, Yagam / Homams, when doing pariharams or even for visiting temples.

OLDEN DAYS : It was seen as a symbol of Pride. Only wealthy people would be having it. Those days Silver Zari, Golden Zari and Diamond needle designs were very famous. Even I have very few Sarees of traditional design and texture. (My history is only 25 years, my mom has her grand mom’s silk saree too, not in a wearable condition- still shining and soft silky)

NOW : Quite a big variety of Sarees: Kanchipuram silks, Thirubhuvanam silks, Banaras silks, Mysore Silks etc etc., Each claims only them as pure.


-> Yes, Silk Sarees are must have ones in every girls’ wardrobe.

So, How to Identify Pure Silk?

Colour of Saree – IT IS TRUE that pure silks at handlooms generally wove only Typical Traditional Colours, like yellow, red, blue, green, cream and shades of it. (Shades here means to say mix of above colours only, say purple.) One typical traditional handloom can give you 6 sarees for a single warp. So mostly they wont make blouses, because, almost one saree cost will go as 5 saree’s blouse.

Colour of Zari – The If you cannot determine the presence of copper, how to identify pure Kanchipuram silk saree remains a difficult task. However, you can note the difference between a pure zari saree and a tested zari saree if you closely examine the colour of the zari work. Tested zari sarees are sold at a cheaper price in general to lure people who want to buy Kanchipuram silk sarees.

Texture of Saree – REAL Silk saree threads are indeed very soft and shiny in texture. Even the Soft Silks  which are sold nowadays are made up with bleached silk threads, which will not long last. It will be easily torn even at saree foldings.

Thread burn test – General method of testing. Just take a thread and burn it. If  you get ash and it smells like hair or unpleasant smell, it is PURE. If it is not, you wont get ash and it looks like if you lit a fibre or nylon.

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