Coconut Oil = Mother’s milk !!! YES

All these benefit are related to the Virgin Coconut Oil.

All Commercially processed or hydrogenated oil is not only deprived of any nutrition, it is hazardous for human body.

Lauric Acid , which is found in Coconut Oil , can be found only in Mother’s milk. Coconut oil can be consumed without even cooking. Highly digestible at all ages. Just google for lauric acid and coconut to know more benefits.

Dr.Sivaraman, a famous doctor from Tamil nadu, tells if you are denying coconut to your child, then you are doing injustice to your child. You can give even raw coconut pieces with jaggery which is very tasty and atmost healthy. (From Ancient days to Modern days, as our blog intent to)

Suggestions: I recommend incorporating 2-3 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil (uncooked and unheated) daily in your diet – It tastes delicious on toast, rice and lentils. It can be safely given to babies. Depending on the age of the child, add one-half to two teaspoon of virgin coconut oil a day to their food.


Proven Applications: Mix 2-teaspoon full of Turmeric Powder in half cup of coconut oil and 1-tablespoon of Virgin Olive Oil and keep refrigerated in a tight jar for application on wounds and burns (no need to apply on fresh minor cuts) to accelerate the healing and prevent infection. Coconut oil helps heal the scar tissues (i.e. no scar marks).

Kerala consumes coconut and coconut oil daily in foods and external use, since long. Kerala reports very less Skin problem, hair loss. The Beauty of Keralites is obvious.

This mix is also fantastic for application as Suppositories (give shape when somewhat frozen and let it harden in the freezer) to heal rectal swelling, discomfort and hemorrhoids – Be aware of the turmeric color, though.

Resources :Omega 3 in coconut oil , Virgin Coconut oil



Chemical free life

No Soap, No Shampoo, No Chemical –  No Toxin

Why did we give up soap?

Just watch this video to know visually better.

Because it is toxic. Even using old fashion soaps means you are rubbing down your body’s largest organ, daily, with poison.

I researched many home made soaps (bit less hazardous chemicals), natural soaps, eco- friendly soaps and I came to the conclusion that all soap is simply a SOAP.

Then What is the alternative?

Looking back what our ancestors did..

we provide you 3 Best natural soap alternatives used by ancient Indians prescribed by Rajiv Dixit, a great Indian social activist.
1. Multani Mitti with Curd

 Multani mitti is one ancient secret for beautiful skin of Indians. Still, many people in India use multani mitti as  face pack. Now, what all you need to do is mix Multani mitti with curd and make it into paste a night before you use it. The next morning massage your skin with this Multani mitti paste and just wash your skin with warm water. That’s it. This makes your skin glowing and radiant. This helps in making you skin soft too.
2. Besan ( Gram ) flour with milk cream

This is the second best alternative for soaps. Mix Besan (Gram) flour with cream and massage your skin with it and wash away with warm water. Gram flour with malai helps in making your skin radiant and pimple free. Even this is a best soap alternative for those with oily skin.
3. Masoor dal (Red lentil) powder with honey

The first thing is to get some Masoor dal ( in english we call it Red lentil ), and grind it into powder. Then mix some pure honey to it. Then rub this paste on skin as mentioned already and wash away with water. This is the best naturalsoap alternative to exfoliate skin. This even removes dead cell from your skin and gives your face a much fresh and young look. It softens your skin too.
For better results, you can even mix pure almond oil, fresh milk, honey and curd in any of the above 3 powders mentioned. And one more important thing is, don’t expect best results in one or two days. You need to try these at least for a week or two to experience better results.
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