No more RO – Go for free clean Mineral water

Year by Year, Hot summer sets record. Putting out your Fridge water or Chill water, its high time to GO BACK to Tradition – to save our health.

  • Get a Pot ; Fill it with Tap water;  
  • In a clean cloth, knot each spoon of Pepper, Cumin seeds and Mustard into it, along with Vetiver / Valak roots. (Pic shown below)
  • Ready to drink. ALL minerals retained and refined 
  • Tasty too

And YES, Before I advice I do follow 🙂

pot water

In my MODERNOLD life, Modernizing the Older traditions, this is close to my heart.

Why Clay Pots?

  • ECO friendly
  • Zero Harm to health and budget
  • Natural Cool water with freshness
  • Aroma therapy and Tasty too 🙂

How to place it?

Its best to keep the bottom of the pot inside sand or a circle rim. As shown below;


Note : Even any one of the ingredients is fine. Jeera / Cumin water is a good coolent to body. Mustard alone too. Vetiver for good aroma and few good effects. Please google it.