Sugar = bone powder + chemicals

Whaaatttt? YES.. You read it right..

Lot more to know.. just hold on..

No one consumes a day without sugar. What is sugar? I know you would proudly say, it comes from sugarcane juice, etc etc.  Is this really true?

What are all the ingredients used in making sugar?

  1. Bleaching powder or chlorine to control Fluid Bacteria in cane extract
  2. 20 percentage of Phosphoric acid to clean and filter.
  3. Sulphur di oxide gas with 0.2 percent of chalk
  4. Mixing poly electrolyte for settling down clear.
  5. Costic soda and washing soda mixed while boiling it again, to solidify
  6. Sodium hydro sulphate+ sulphur di oxide again to make it crystalline
  7.  ABOVE ALL, Activated Carbon – Nothing but the Powdered Bones (includes cow, pig bones and human bones from burial grounds)

YES.. THESE ARE TRUE..  Just search on internet..

Sources :  (if you know Tamil)  and

What will happen to us? My God, No need to say.. it is Obvious.

Solution time – What are the alternatives??

  • Coconut sugar or Palm sugar

  • Jaggery

  • Dates Sugar
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup



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