Mouth Wash or Oil Wash?

Do you like that fresh minty feel of your mouthwash?? Ahh, This is for you..

Mouthwash clearly offers certain benefits — but it’s important to know that not all mouth rinses are the same.

What is the problem with mouthwash?

Store-bought types contain a variety of ingredients ranging from fluoride (Act) to alcohol (Listerine) to chlorhexidine (Peridex).

If the alcohol content of your mouth rinse is too high, it may actually end up irritating the canker sore more than helping it.

Linked with Oral Cancer.

What are the natural alternatives?

  1. Saltwater rinses:                                                                                                                                               This can be made at home with warm water and salt. Gargle it daily
  2. Oil Pulling:                                                                                                                                                           Wonderful Therapy followed by our ancestors.  Just click this to know the importance accepted by Global doctors. How to do? Simple.

– Take 5-10 ml of Gingelly Oil or Sesame oil or Coconut oil.

–  Gargle it for 10-15 min strictly. Only then all parts of mouth will get the oil.

–  After the oil turn milky watery liquid, spit it.

– Rinse your mouth.  You can even do it after tea / coffee but before food.

Sources : FAQ on Oil Pulling


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